• The Hershey Company "...Kids around the country will have the opportunity to participate in fun, hands-on learning events designed to build basic running, jumping and throwing skills and have fun exploring track and field..."

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  • Let's Move! Active Schools 

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  • Society of Health and Physical Educators "...Once officially registered, event organizers will be able to download the full RJT lesson plan and instructional video, produced in conjunction with SHAPE America-Society of Health and Physical Educators (formerly AAHPERD)..."

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Families can register their children for FREE single-day RunJumpThrow events online. RJT events begin in January 2015. This page contains a calendar for all currently registered RJT events. To register, simply click on an event, and be sure to check back regularly for updates as events are added daily.

Want to inspire a lifetime of activity for children?

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