Why Track & Field?
The most foundational of all sports,
track & field is based on the three basic forms
of human movement – running, jumping and throwing.
Within the sport, there is an event for everyone, regardless of race,
gender, size, shape or ability. Just as important, the sport is inexpensive and accessible to everyone – all you need is a pair of shoes. A race, a throwing competition or a jumping contest can happen anywhere!

Organizer Registration  For Physical Educators
Core Plan

Instructional Video Sample

Something For Everyone!
Away from the competitive arena, the activities of track & field also provide the foundations of basic fitness. If kids engage in running, jumping and throwing, fitness will follow. Engaging in these activities improves children’s health and self-esteem. And done with friends, the movements are fun!

Easy Access
For event organizers, hosting a RunJumpThrow is simple. If you have access to an open space – a field, parking lot, gym or a track – you have a facility for RunJumpThrow. The only equipment needed is something to throw and, if you choose the hurdling station, some pizza boxes.

Event Organizer Benefits
Once you are fully registered as an RJT event organizer, you will receive access to detailed and intuitive materials that can assist you as your plan for your RJT.
As a registered RJT Organizer, you also have access to the following:

> Access to multiple lesson plans (one day vs. six week lesson outline)
> Instructional Video of Stations
> List and promote your event on the RJT website
> Online registration for your event participants
> Liability Insurance and USATF sanctioning for your event (Only in 1-day RJT programs)
> RJT marketing materials to promote your event

USATF also offers a special lesson plan addendum for physical educators in schools. Click here for more information.

Sanctioned and Insured
All properly registered, one-day RunJumpThrow events are USATF sanctioned and provided liability insurance.

Event Organizer Registration Step 1
  • Yes No
  • Yes No
  • Let's Move Active Schools Olympic Day Parks and Recreation Department SHAPE America Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.
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Families can register their children for FREE single-day RunJumpThrow events online. RJT events begin in January 2015. This page contains a calendar for all currently registered RJT events. To register, simply click on an event, and be sure to check back regularly for updates as events are added daily.

Want to inspire a lifetime of activity for children?

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For more information on track programs run by USATF, visit
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