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Parents - Here’s an idea for your next at-home PE class!
Try RunJumpThrow, a program for youth created by USA Track and Field and The Hershey Company. This condensed program consists of five stations that can be easily adapted to your home or backyard. Using items found around the house, kids can practice Warming Up, Jumping, Speed & Agility, Throwing and Strength while they imagine themselves as a future Olympian.
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Running, jumping and throwing are the foundations
of an active life.

USA Track & Field and Hershey teamed up to create RunJumpThrow (RJT), a hands-on learning program that gets kids excited about physical activity by introducing them to the basic running, jumping and throwing skills through track and field.

The RJT plan offers a selection of twenty learning stations for organizers to choose from, including dynamic warm-up, running form and technique, standing broad jump, softball throw and one-legged hop. Designed to be turnkey curriculum that is easily adaptable for any group, RunJumpThrow is a noncompetitive program that can be conducted as a field day event lasting 2-4 hours, or as a six-week program.

Families can register their children for FREE single-day RunJumpThrow events online. RJT events begin in January 2015. This page contains a calendar for all currently registered RJT events. To register, simply click on an event, and be sure to check back regularly for updates as events are added daily.

Want to inspire a lifetime of activity for children?

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